In 2005 I had the opportunity to taste a new carbonated beverage with a soda can that did not indicate the actual flavor of the soda.  The first taste was distinct and rather surprising.  The second taste though still distinct and surprising was certainly not pleasing.   I finished the can and determined never again to drink that brand of soft drink.  The soda was of course pickle flavored.

In 2012 we formed Pickle Soda Publishing.  We hope that our books can prove to be distinct, surprising and pleasing even on the second, third or fourth read.  So far they have.  In our ranks we have a former McDonald’s employee, a guy that builds guitars in his spare time, a wilderness survivalist (drinking your pee is not a good plan), a juris doctor, a registered nurse, an events planner, 3 bachelors degrees, soon to have another doctor, a man with a ponytail, an office full of huge Neil Diamond fans and that’s just talking about two guys.

Stay tuned for more from Pickle Soda.  We’ve got a bunch of great books scheduled for release in 2013.

Pickle Soda