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So sorry we’ve been gone for awhile! No fun at all!

Anyways, the hard drive on my six year old iMac kicked the bucket a few weeks ago. But, thanks to a suction cup and some torx bits, I managed to install a new hard drive, save all my data off the old hard drive and now I’m up and running again! ┬áIt just took a few weeks. So, now we can get back on track.

One thing we love over here at Pickle Soda is guitars. Sometime we’ll play some for you!

Here is a clip of the great Bill Frisell doing a take on the Beach Boys’ classis “Surfer Girl” for Fretboard Journal. I just love when people create beautiful things.


One thing I love about the internet is that it gives you the chance to meet so many talented people all over the world. One of these talented people happens to be a friend of Pickle Soda who is trying to raise funds on Kickstarter to fund her first EP of brand new, all original music. She is so close to reaching her goal!

So, if you like new music and want to support independent artists (like Pickle Soda) click on the link and check out Riot Upstairs.

Riot Upstairs

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