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The Arrival

For my birthday, I received the beautiful hardcover edition of The Arrival by Shaun Tan. The pictures are beautiful and the story is engaging and very interesting. What’s interesting about this book is that there are no words! However, with clever use of paneling and other inventive ideas, the pacing of the story moves wonderfully and you know what? It doesn’t need words. If you haven’t seen it before, I recommend checking it out. It’s a very fun book that you will come back to over and over. I’m sure I’ll notice details I missed the first time through.

The Pickle Soda triplets have continued their weekly trips to the library.  They’ve become fans of Mo Willems, Dr. Seus, and of course Peggy Rathman.  This week we’ve returned to the joy of Sandra Boynton.  Blue Hat, Green Hat.  The elephant, bear and moose know how to get dressed but the turkey never really gets it.  In our house we always say, “What a turkey!” everytime the turkey messes up.

Elsie Sunshine (she has a chin, it’s just very small)

That turkey just can’t get dressed.  Everybody knows that you put the shirt on over your head and then fasten the buttons under your bum.  That way the shirt stays in place and helps keep your diaper secure.  What a turkey.

Mabel (she’s a tiger)

From what I understand shoes are meant to just be immediately kicked off your feet not put on your head.  What a turkey.

Honeybear (pronounced “Juniper”)

The turkey clearly isn’t the brightest animal out there but should we really find humor in the turkey’s foolishness.  Is it appropriate to laugh at someone for being unintelligent?  It’s like watching those American Idol try-outs just to laugh at the worst ones.  Of course we all enjoyed William Hung but should we have? Finally why do we have to consider the turkey to be foolish for not knowing how to put on pants.  Turkeys don’t wear pants.  I wear pants and have no idea how to put them on.  Should I be laughed at?  Honestly I don’t know because when that turkey dives into a pool full of water with all her clothes on it is hilarious and I can’t help but to laugh.  What a turkey.

Pickle Soda Publishing recently added 3 baby girls (triplets) to the team. They were born on Christmas Eve and are already avid readers. They’ve each picked their current favorite book that isn’t put out by Pickle Soda.

Mabel’s favorite

DownloadedFileWill the hippopotamus ever catch a break? (Spoiler: She does)  Mabel likes it when the armadillo shows up.

Honeybear’s favorite

0763642975There’s three baby bears in this one and they are each the best bear in the whole world.  Honeybear (Juniper) likes the part where the three baby bears are laying on mama bear’s tummy.

Else’s favorite
haroldpurpleHarold happens to have a purple crayon that he can draw anything with.  He uses his powers for good.  He gives nine kinds of pie to a hungry moose and a deserving porcupine.  Else likes when he gets scared and accidently draws an ocean he falls into.

The girls plan to continue to pick favorite books.  This week they’ve been reading a lot of Dr. Seuss.

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