This week the Pickle Soda Triplets wanted to focus on one book that they all collectively enjoyed and post seperate thoughts. Naturally the girls all love Dr. Seuss and naturally that leads to a love of the Butter Battle Book.  The Butter Battle Book has two groups of people.  One that butters on the top of the bread and another that butter on the bottom.  This of course leads to huge conflict that escalates from slingshots to something far more terrible.  The triplets share their considerable thoughts below.


Else’s Thoughts (she’s just over 2 months old)

I wonder if the blue goo they were going to spew everywhere is like when Mabel spewed her breast milk all over Daddy’s tie the other day?


Mabel’s Thoughts (she’s also just over 2 months old – they were born 2 minutes apart)

When I eat bread I’m going to butter it on the bottom.  What is butter anyway?

Honeybear’s Insights (her real name isn’t honeybear)

Is this book a comment on Russian American relations through the cold war?  If so the Americans are probably the ones that eat the butter on the right side up and the Soviets on the bottom.  Also, anyone that has a problem with the cliffhanger ending is missing the point.  We don’t always need a resolution sometimes the last thing on earth that we need is a resolution.  I mean read the Crying of Lot 49 for crying out loud.  Nothing was resolved and I’m grateful for it.