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The girls have still been reading and have quite defined tastes now.  Not just any book can satisfy them and their critiques can sometimes be harsh.  In an effort to spare the feelings of some authors the girls are going to just continue to recommend and review books they like.  One such book is Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems.  Basically Leonardo isn’t very good at scaring people due to his terribleness at being a monster.  As always each girl shares her thoughts below.


Elsie Sunshine

I like the monster with all the teeth.  I could use some of those.


I’m pretty sure I could do a better job of scaring than that monster can.  I’m a tiger.


In the end it’s our relationships in life that really determine if we’re happy or not.  Other monsters may have more teeth, be weirder or be just plain scarier but not every monster can claim a real friendship.  Leonardo discovered the truth that so many of us fail to see, sometimes our priorities are much less important than just befriending those around us.  Thank you Leonardo.  I applaud your actions.

Picklesoda’s triplets have been doing a lot of reading this last week or so.  They’ve been surprised by how long some of Dr. Seus’s books are.  Bartholomew and the Oobleck just never seems to stop (Honeybear fell asleep).  One book they were all pleased with this week was Duck on A Bike by David Shannon.  In the book a Duck decides to ride a bike and kind of shows off to other farm animals.  As always each girl shares her thoughts below.


Else (she has a shirt with a bike on it)

I enjoyed the duck on the bike but I’m ready for a hippo on a bike.  Now that would be really impressive.  Let’s get going on the sequel. A hippo riding a bike around the zoo.

Mabel (she quite skilled at making horse sounds)

Is saying “nay” and saying “neigh” the same thing?  I like to do the sound were a horse kind of blows out her cheeks and lips.  Its probably my favorite sound to make.

Honeybear (she’s also reading the Illiad)

First of all let me say that I appreciate the review of all the sounds that the farm animals make.  The duck rides past each different animal and they of course make their classic sound whether it be “meow” or “baa.”  I know that toddlers are frequently tested by adults in remembering what animal makes what sound so the review is appreciated.  Secondly I like the painting.  This guy really put some effort into painting this book and after slogging through so much of the non-illustrated Illiad it was a nice break.  Finally what’s the deal with cats?  Are cats really as terrible as they’re portrayed in literature?  Do these animals really care about nothing but themselves and their glory?  Sounds a lot like Achilles to me.


Once again Pickle Soda’s excellent triplets (born Christmas Eve 2012) have been reading and have selected another book to review.  After some debate the girls agreed on reviewing Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathman (Honeybear wanted to review Gravity’s Rainbow but I didn’t think that was appropriate).  In the book Officer Buckle travels to local schools giving safety tips but nobody really listens to him until Gloria shows up.  As a team they make a real difference for safety until Officer Buckle learns Gloria’s secret (Gloria is a dog by the way).  The safety of students everywhere hangs in the balance.


Else’s Commentary

I like Officer Buckle’s mustache.  Also I have a safety tip, always latch up both sides of your diaper otherwise you’re gonna soil your pants.

Mabel’s Thoughts

I thought you weren’t supposed to give ice cream to dogs.  But if you are giving ice cream out to people that shouldn’t have it I’d be happy to take some.

Honeybear’s Insight (she’s actually in my arms right now)

Really this book is about the common human weakness of pride.  Officer Buckle’s pride is injured by Gloria and he has to learn to humble himself to not only save a friendship but to save a partnership that can do real, lasting good in this world.  All of us have to humble ourselves at some point but it can be difficult.  I like to think that all disagreements can be fixed just like Officer Buckle’s and Gloria’s.  Someone just has to take that first step.  Someone has to swallow his pride.

This week the Pickle Soda Triplets wanted to focus on one book that they all collectively enjoyed and post seperate thoughts. Naturally the girls all love Dr. Seuss and naturally that leads to a love of the Butter Battle Book.  The Butter Battle Book has two groups of people.  One that butters on the top of the bread and another that butter on the bottom.  This of course leads to huge conflict that escalates from slingshots to something far more terrible.  The triplets share their considerable thoughts below.


Else’s Thoughts (she’s just over 2 months old)

I wonder if the blue goo they were going to spew everywhere is like when Mabel spewed her breast milk all over Daddy’s tie the other day?


Mabel’s Thoughts (she’s also just over 2 months old – they were born 2 minutes apart)

When I eat bread I’m going to butter it on the bottom.  What is butter anyway?

Honeybear’s Insights (her real name isn’t honeybear)

Is this book a comment on Russian American relations through the cold war?  If so the Americans are probably the ones that eat the butter on the right side up and the Soviets on the bottom.  Also, anyone that has a problem with the cliffhanger ending is missing the point.  We don’t always need a resolution sometimes the last thing on earth that we need is a resolution.  I mean read the Crying of Lot 49 for crying out loud.  Nothing was resolved and I’m grateful for it.

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