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So the girls read a couple of books this week both basically with this kind of story…


Once there was a little girl named Mitzy.  She told her grandma that she wanted to be an astronaut and her grandma said, “You’ll never be an astronaut, they won’t let girls in space.”  Mitzy was sad so she told her mom and her mom said, “You’ll never be an astronaut because you’re not smart enough.”  Mitzy started to cry and told her dad how she wanted to be an astronaut, he said, “Yeah right and I want to be a tight-rope walker.”  Mitzy decided that all of those people were awful and you know what,  she became an astronaut.

I just made up the Mitzy story but seriously why are there picture books where a kid’s parents tell them they aren’t worth anything?  Maybe the mean kid down the street could tell her that she’ll never be an astronaut but come on let the mom believe in her.

In related news Mabel told me she wants to be a Doctor when she grows up.  I told her that she’ll never amount to anything (just kidding but she is only 8 months old I’m not sure its time for her to pick a career yet).

The triplets aren’t into watching movies yet so we decided to go ahead and read a picture book based on Return of the Jedi.  The book has been in the family for years.  They’re six months old now.  The triplet’s reactions are as follows.



Wait a second they just rebuilt the same Death Star from the first movie and then left the same fatal flaw in it only this time Lando blows it up using the Millenium Falcon instead Luke having to make a miracle shot using the force?   I guess I’m just too young to understand why this makes sense.


But where did the teddy bears learn how to fight like that?


The thing is that Luke keeps dressing in black throughout this movie.  Traditionally we associate that color with evil and we naturally do so in Star Wars because Darth Vader wears all black.  So why is Luke making this choice?  Lets think of the possibilities.

1) Luke is a tough guy and tough guys wear black.  I think we can pretty safely rule this one out.  My Dad does a good impression of Luke that sounds like a prepubescent 12 year old.

2) Luke may actually turn evil.  I’ve read the book and know that he doesn’t turn evil but I think that we are supposed to think that Luke turning evil is a possibility.  The problem is that at some point Luke whines this line of dialog,  “But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!”  Evil just isn’t an option for him.

3) Luke wears black so he can feel close to his father.  This sounds about right to me.  We’ve already ruled out the possibility of Luke being tough and Luke being evil.  So what does a completely non-tough mama’s boy do to feel closer to his father?  Anything he can.  In this case he dresses like him.

But really this whole story is about redemption.  It is possible to not only make serious mistakes in life but to recover from them and become a better man.  Darth Vader’s decision to finally betray the Emperor and stand up for what he knows to be right redeems him.  Many lives were lost because of Vader’s decisions and who knows where he will end up in the next life.  I just know that he was able to change for the better despite no one believing it would be possible.

The girls have still been reading and have quite defined tastes now.  Not just any book can satisfy them and their critiques can sometimes be harsh.  In an effort to spare the feelings of some authors the girls are going to just continue to recommend and review books they like.  One such book is Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems.  Basically Leonardo isn’t very good at scaring people due to his terribleness at being a monster.  As always each girl shares her thoughts below.


Elsie Sunshine

I like the monster with all the teeth.  I could use some of those.


I’m pretty sure I could do a better job of scaring than that monster can.  I’m a tiger.


In the end it’s our relationships in life that really determine if we’re happy or not.  Other monsters may have more teeth, be weirder or be just plain scarier but not every monster can claim a real friendship.  Leonardo discovered the truth that so many of us fail to see, sometimes our priorities are much less important than just befriending those around us.  Thank you Leonardo.  I applaud your actions.

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