Picklesoda’s triplets have been doing a lot of reading this last week or so.  They’ve been surprised by how long some of Dr. Seus’s books are.  Bartholomew and the Oobleck just never seems to stop (Honeybear fell asleep).  One book they were all pleased with this week was Duck on A Bike by David Shannon.  In the book a Duck decides to ride a bike and kind of shows off to other farm animals.  As always each girl shares her thoughts below.


Else (she has a shirt with a bike on it)

I enjoyed the duck on the bike but I’m ready for a hippo on a bike.  Now that would be really impressive.  Let’s get going on the sequel. A hippo riding a bike around the zoo.

Mabel (she quite skilled at making horse sounds)

Is saying “nay” and saying “neigh” the same thing?  I like to do the sound were a horse kind of blows out her cheeks and lips.  Its probably my favorite sound to make.

Honeybear (she’s also reading the Illiad)

First of all let me say that I appreciate the review of all the sounds that the farm animals make.  The duck rides past each different animal and they of course make their classic sound whether it be “meow” or “baa.”  I know that toddlers are frequently tested by adults in remembering what animal makes what sound so the review is appreciated.  Secondly I like the painting.  This guy really put some effort into painting this book and after slogging through so much of the non-illustrated Illiad it was a nice break.  Finally what’s the deal with cats?  Are cats really as terrible as they’re portrayed in literature?  Do these animals really care about nothing but themselves and their glory?  Sounds a lot like Achilles to me.