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The old stone bridge, it seems so fun!

to play on the stones in the evening sun,

but stay too late or play too long,

or stamp your feet while you sing your song,

and out he’ll sneak, won’t make a sound

he’ll creepy crawl right out of the ground,

smell your scent with his ugly nose.

You’ll only escape if you tippy on your toes

off of that bridge before the troll can bite!

Back to your house before the day turns to night.

Lizard Drool

PPP (Picklesoda Poetry Project)

So we’re going to start posting some pictures that tell a little story with a poem.  Let us know what you think.  The best ones are going to end up in a book (the book will definitely have a better title than Picklesoda Poetry Project).  And of course it is understood at Picklesoda that all poems rhyme (we are very close minded that way unless you don’t think we should be).  So here’s the first one.

Picklesoda Poetry Project (or some other better name)

Elephant’s love chocolate

This elephant with the sinister look on her face
is not contemplating robbery or cheating in a race
no her thoughts are less sinister by far
she just doesn’t want to share her candy bar

So one of my favorite bands is Clem Snide.  Recently I was on the site for the band and the lead singer has put up a number of interesting options in the store.  For $200 Eef (the lead singer) will write a personalized song for you or someone you love (some of those songs are here).  For $1000 Eef will come to your house or anywhere you want and play a show for you (you have to cover travel costs as well).  He also used to cover any song you wanted for a certain price and record it for you. I don’t think that option is available anymore.  I love his music.  I love his voice but I’m not sure I love this idea.


this is Eef

It leads to the question being paid for your creativity.  Obviously I would like people to buy the children’s books I draw but that feels different from someone telling me what to draw.  Would I draw or paint a picture of a subject someone wanted for $100?  I guess I probably would.  I definitely would for $1000.  Is it just wonderful to be paid for what you want to do or at some point does it get a little sad?  I’m not sure.  I would like to be able to be successful drawing pictures but how far should I go.   Right now I’m just trying to get $1000 together so that Eef will play a show in my living room.

Once again Pickle Soda’s excellent triplets (born Christmas Eve 2012) have been reading and have selected another book to review.  After some debate the girls agreed on reviewing Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathman (Honeybear wanted to review Gravity’s Rainbow but I didn’t think that was appropriate).  In the book Officer Buckle travels to local schools giving safety tips but nobody really listens to him until Gloria shows up.  As a team they make a real difference for safety until Officer Buckle learns Gloria’s secret (Gloria is a dog by the way).  The safety of students everywhere hangs in the balance.


Else’s Commentary

I like Officer Buckle’s mustache.  Also I have a safety tip, always latch up both sides of your diaper otherwise you’re gonna soil your pants.

Mabel’s Thoughts

I thought you weren’t supposed to give ice cream to dogs.  But if you are giving ice cream out to people that shouldn’t have it I’d be happy to take some.

Honeybear’s Insight (she’s actually in my arms right now)

Really this book is about the common human weakness of pride.  Officer Buckle’s pride is injured by Gloria and he has to learn to humble himself to not only save a friendship but to save a partnership that can do real, lasting good in this world.  All of us have to humble ourselves at some point but it can be difficult.  I like to think that all disagreements can be fixed just like Officer Buckle’s and Gloria’s.  Someone just has to take that first step.  Someone has to swallow his pride.

I know, dear reader, that this may seem a trite topic, but I must be contrary and say that it is not so. As I am working on my new alphabet book, I can’t help but wonder if I should follow the normal convention of “A is for Apple” or branch out and simply declare boldly, “apple.”*

What do you think? Which is better? Let me know what you think.

A is for Apple


* Do not worry, my alphabet book will be much more exciting than mere apples…

1) On the day I was born, so were 356,793 other people.

2) Edwin Morris hates sunsets.

3) The man stepped out into the humid night, the revolver at his side two rounds lighter.

4) Be a big girl, step down from there.

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