So one of my favorite bands is Clem Snide.  Recently I was on the site for the band and the lead singer has put up a number of interesting options in the store.  For $200 Eef (the lead singer) will write a personalized song for you or someone you love (some of those songs are here).  For $1000 Eef will come to your house or anywhere you want and play a show for you (you have to cover travel costs as well).  He also used to cover any song you wanted for a certain price and record it for you. I don’t think that option is available anymore.  I love his music.  I love his voice but I’m not sure I love this idea.


this is Eef

It leads to the question being paid for your creativity.  Obviously I would like people to buy the children’s books I draw but that feels different from someone telling me what to draw.  Would I draw or paint a picture of a subject someone wanted for $100?  I guess I probably would.  I definitely would for $1000.  Is it just wonderful to be paid for what you want to do or at some point does it get a little sad?  I’m not sure.  I would like to be able to be successful drawing pictures but how far should I go.   Right now I’m just trying to get $1000 together so that Eef will play a show in my living room.