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Dig dig 3


After much too long a break…


PPP - Ants!

This one is about ants biting your bum.





The old stone bridge, it seems so fun!

to play on the stones in the evening sun,

but stay too late or play too long,

or stamp your feet while you sing your song,

and out he’ll sneak, won’t make a sound

he’ll creepy crawl right out of the ground,

smell your scent with his ugly nose.

You’ll only escape if you tippy on your toes

off of that bridge before the troll can bite!

Back to your house before the day turns to night.

So we’re going to start posting some pictures that tell a little story with a poem.  Let us know what you think.  The best ones are going to end up in a book (the book will definitely have a better title than Picklesoda Poetry Project).  And of course it is understood at Picklesoda that all poems rhyme (we are very close minded that way unless you don’t think we should be).  So here’s the first one.

Picklesoda Poetry Project (or some other better name)

Elephant’s love chocolate

This elephant with the sinister look on her face
is not contemplating robbery or cheating in a race
no her thoughts are less sinister by far
she just doesn’t want to share her candy bar

Question: What would eat this for breakfast?

Answer: A goblin

1) On the day I was born, so were 356,793 other people.

2) Edwin Morris hates sunsets.

3) The man stepped out into the humid night, the revolver at his side two rounds lighter.

4) Be a big girl, step down from there.

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