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Derek and the Gator (PPP)

Another picture in our ongoing poetry project. I drew the picture but my wife took the picture in the background.

Derek and the Gator

Sometimes it can be quite strange
when meeting an alligator on the beach
its hard to know exactly what to say
or what conclusion the meeting will reach
Will the gator attempt to be friends
or are his goals something far more suspect
is the gator putting his hand out to be kind
or is he just getting close so he can bite your neck

All I can say is Derek maybe you should have gone to the mountains instead
You may end up with a new friend or you may end up without your head

The Grouchy Postman (Picklesoda Poetry Project 4)

The Grouchy Postman

It’s the mail you see, it never stops
everyday I go to work there’s more and more
it fills my mail truck to the top
delivering so much mail makes my back sore and sore

I wish just for once I’d get a break
you know aside from National Holidays
maybe a vacation is what I should take
then I wouldn’t work in such a grouchy way

Bathroom Art

This picture hangs over my toilet (i painted it). I’m not really sure why but it has found it’s place there. I just saw Lincoln the other day where Abe shares an anecdote about an American using a bathroom in England shortly after the revolutionary war. The American’s hosts hung a picture of George Washington by the toilet. When the American comes back to the party from using the toilet the hosts wait and wait for him to respond and then they finally ask, “What do you think of the location of the portrait?” The American then said, “I think its very appropriate. Everybody knows that nothing makes an Englishman poop faster then the sight of George Washington.” Abe used a different word then poop.

This of course brings up the question of what makes good bathroom art? To me the art needs a little mystery. Something to contemplate while taking care of business.


Q: Is this an awesome painting or something that took me 5 minutes to do on my computer?

A: It took 5 minutes. I didn’t really do anything but it still looks cool.

Q: Does this count as art?

A: Maybe.  I bet you could at least make a pretty cool looking book this way.

It’s just a picture without a story attached.  It’s certainly not his best day.  What do you think the story might be?


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